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Sankaku Channel - Sankaku Channel

Ready for my sank chan? I will go right in front and say that. Hentai is the best dirt. Images, gifs, animations, and everything in between. Nobody got my cock harder than watching my favorite anime slut getting up. Give me all tentacles, monster, bdsm, lesbian, ecchi, and all curly talisman content. I can’t get enough it. You get crazy content that ordinary porn can not be achieved. Riley Reid? Back to me when I could see he got milked and messed up by a dozen tentacles and maybe I would hear you out. And, if you have accustomed to this review, then you might be lust after a big hentai breasted prostitute just as much as I did.

And there kills a good site to get your hentai fix. But, for this one, I will focus on gifs, images, and short-forms of video / animation. You can check tens of my review of other hot hentai sites somewhere with full-length videos, because this site won’t have it all. Today I want to tell you all about A domain that really rolls directly from the tongue. is an animal from a site. This is the type of Chan site, but looks and works a little different from what you expect. Instead of several boards and places to send and discuss topics, you get a large imageboard with tags that you can browse by. It’s more like imgur than like 4chan. And when I say animals from a site, I damn it means it. They bring to the top of 35 million weebs aroused to the site every month. Which makes them one of the biggest hentai imageboard sites on the damn web.

Easy site design and very sleek beta site worth checking out
This is the type of Chan site, so I don’t expect too much from the design of the site. I’m glad I didn’t expect too much. It’s bright white with orange text as an accent. Not terrible. I certainly see the site much worse. At least they managed to have an organized menu here. It’s just a bit bright all. And, if you can’t pass it, then check the choice of their beta site on the header.
Now, the site is slim as a fuck. I like it. Nice dark theme, bigger picture preview, and stored menu. All in all sites are amazing, even for beta. I hope they end up sticking with it. But, because nonsense is not official, I will remain to the main version of the site for the rest of the avoiding confusion review.

Many different options for browsing photos and sexy hentai videos
The homepage may look like a lot at first, but it’s easier to use than you think. Headers have several main choices for “Posts, levels, Notes, Tags, Pools, Wiki, Forums, and Beta.” All of them have suboptions for basic organizational crap. The writing is a plain old choice you are an ordinary browsing you expect on a site image like this. You can subscribe to certain poster to browse custom feeds, see your own upload / comment, or just set your feed based.

Sankaku Channel