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FurAffinity - FurAffinity

Skin affinity! They say that the property of pets is one of the greatest joys of life. A dog or a cat can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, make you feel less solitary and give your life a sense of meaning. That’s great and everything, but would not it be better if they had really huge tits, pretty faces, human minds and wanted to fuck all the time? I have the feeling that the hairy fans in Fleafinity would not be satisfied with normal animal fellow.

FredAffinity.net is a savagely popular feludic community site to share works of art, writing, music, as well as crafts, including the art of making hairy suits (Fursuiting). They have been close since 2005 and get almost 20 million visits per month. While looking at the site, there were 42,000 online users.

Holding, where is the hairy sex?
Load the FlealFFFinity cover and what you see? Well, if you’re not connected, you’re not going to see anything about the good shit. Initially, everything I could see was a lot of boring cartoons, totally suitable for the whole family. I did not even realize that this was a site for adults until I learned the secret. Yes, a couple of the girls of Pokémon and Kangaroo exchanged by gender on the cover had great breasts and poses slightly suggestive, but you can not see anything, even explicitly remotely without taking a few steps first.
You will need a free account, which means you have to register. I know that many of you are worried, your wife will discover Jack to the drawings of Furry Shemale Foxes, but she can always use a temporary email address to avoid paper trace.

The registration email arrives through a few seconds, and then you only need to choose a name and password. Once you have logged in, click on the My Fa drop-down in the upper right corner and go to Account Administration. There you will find a configuration for enabling adult illustrations. You have the option of filtering adult things, including mature things, but we already know what kind of pervert you are. Honestly, as a fan of the most unpleasant and explicit shit that you can find, I wish they had a filter to show only the adult material.

Now just look all this hairy dirt.
Once the adult material has enabled, you will see what FLAFFINITY is about. It is a kind of granting how much the selection of the front page of recent works of art changes once you have adjusted your configuration. Now, most of the drawings are quite dirty. I see that a dog dog shook, a couple of dragons fucking each other with hermaphroditic sexual organs (both have a cock and a pussy), and a Warthog bitch that extended her pussy and asked if you want a taste. Of course, this would not be a hairy site without a little pornographic, my little pony material on the cover; A small horse has a series of accounts on his pussy, another is extended on a shelf for easy rape.
Click on a thumbnail and will be taken to the full-size version. The first one I have reviewed turned out that it turned out not to be a hairy image, but only one general hentai thing with a princess who gets the stinky feet of her. The artist writes his piece in a small pot under. In this case, it is a person in charge, but the artist has a real thing for the barefoots in the drawing.

Fleafinity has a list of expanding labels to help users find exactly the hairy content they are looking for. Someone drew a hairy bitch enormously giant and titled, apparently invented a few different Pokémon. That image is labeled with female, chest, thick, creepy and fusion. The dragon lady riding the face of young types, on the other hand, is labeled with dragon, sitting face, wings and hifu.