ExHentai Review

- ExHentai

Ex Hentai…I thought this site was dead first, when I saw that sad panda image. Anyways, to those of you motherfuckers that enjoy jerking off to manga, hentai, and doujinshi. Have you heard of Exhentai.org? Well, this is where your fucked up hentai dreams come into reality. This site is full of delicious hentai doujins that are more than ripe for your fapping business. Here you are going to find some pretty extreme fetishes including scat, loli, bestiality to name but a few.

What happens when you try to access Exhentai.org? You will get fucking cockblocked by the Sad Panda who stubbornly refuses you entry. Not to worry though, there is a process which you can use to defeat the sad panda and claim your hentai rewards. A lot of it has to do with opening an account which you will have to wait for a week before it is approved. By the way, you only need to open the account once.

If you follow this simple tutorial, you should be okay. Of course, there is a possibility you might still be blocked by the sad panda in which case there is little I can do to help. It’s potentially possible that Exhentai.org itself blocks you from browsing it because they haven’t acquired the copyright agreements to show their site in your country. But if you have access, then welcome to the sickest hentai site on the internet. Don’t even thank me; this is what I fucking do best. Remember Ex Hentai is the subsidiary of the more easily accessible e-hentai.org but has by far more x-rated content that the parent site couldn’t display for fear of falling out with their benefactors.

The site is basically a place for doujins- the unofficial erotic Japanese comics anime series or movies. This is a suitable destination for masturbating on anime magical girls.