How to recognize if a woman is addicted to sex

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Sex works the same way as a drug. Here we explain to a woman why her hormones have a lot to do with her sexual desire.

Friends, lately I get in a bad mood if I don’t make love to my boyfriend often. Not that she’s addicted to sex, far from it, but as soon as we do it, I feel better. What is happening to me?
Sex is like a natural drug and its effects make our mood better. This happens, in large part, thanks to the fact that excitement and orgasms release hormones —dopamine, prolactin, oxytocin that fill the brain with adrenaline and, consequently, with exciting sensations. (Is sex with a nympho really enjoyable?)

A study from Bar Ilan University in Israel found that people who have sex frequently absorb twice as much oxytocin as those who only have it sporadically. And the constant release of this hormone achieves not only a feeling of calm, but also a greater motivation to continue having sex.

It’s also important to be aware of the hormonal fluctuations your body undergoes during your menstrual cycle: it’s normal to have a surge in your sex drive just before ovulation and a decline after menstruation. (10 facts about nymphomaniacs)

And since communication is often the key to resolving many sexual conflicts, tell your boyfriend what’s going on with you and suggest that you use sex as medicine for a good attitude.

Don’t forget that most men are happy when their partner wants more sex; If that is not your case, we recommend that you visit a specialist in the field.