How to have sex for the first time

Great positions to have sex for the first time with tips:

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Let’s face it: there is no perfect manual that explains to newbies to love how to have sexual intercourse for the first time. There is a lot of advice on this subject but it remains, even in the age of the internet, a very personal and intimate thing. Of course, it is normal to be afraid of not knowing how to do it or wondering if it will hurt or not, but beyond the technical details, the important thing is to understand the right time to do it, which varies from person to person, from male to female. In this sort of guide we want to let you pass the anguish and performance anxiety a little: we will explain the positions for making love for the first time and give you some useful advice.Here are the answers to your questions about sex. Find out everything you still don’t know:

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How to have sex: getting ready with the best positions
Have you decided that your time has come? If the decision made is accompanied by a bit of fear and sweetness together, then you can take the big leap. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed: it is a beautiful experience and, like all the first times, it is frightening. The important thing is to be aware. However, if, as it should be, you are not familiar with the subject, do not be superheroes, do not have standardized models, do not think of your life as a fiction. The truth is that it will be your personal experience, your first time, so let yourself go to the emotions and enjoy them. Obviously, here is our first piece of advice because many are asking a legitimate question: which position to choose? Well dear guys, there is little to say here: abandon the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting with acrobatic positions and aim for the missionary position where the woman is lying on her back and the man is on top of her. The reason is simple: you have never done it and you have to make sure that making love is natural and special. This position is actually comfortable but also the most natural, since the male member is right in line with the vagina. How love is made: our advice. Otherwise, if things get hotter, try the reverse position: the woman astride the man. If you are inclined to take the initiative and the situation makes you uninhibited, this is the one for you.

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Positions for making love: practical tips for the first relationship
You are ready then. Before doing this, however, as well as being safe and aware, you must be prepared. So here are our tips.

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Making love for the first time can be more painful, especially for her. The first penetration of your life involves the rupture of the hymen, a membrane that partially covers the vulvar orifice of the vagina and this can cause slight bleeding or a little pain. Do not be scared, it is a very normal thing.
Speaking of pain, this could affect the achievement of orgasm. Almost all the people who tell their first time do not report having reached the peak of pleasure in that circumstance. To understand what you really like, postpone it until later: the practice will teach you that there are many ways to reach orgasms, but you will learn on your skin, guaranteed!
The most important advice is the one regarding protection. Make love in complete safety. Use a condom: it protects you from any venereal diseases or infections, some very serious, and from the risk of pregnancy.

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How to have sex for the first time - How to have sex for the first time

One more tip: before getting to the point, take some time for kisses, caresses and stimulations. It will prepare you for the sexual act, it will involve you and relieve the emotional pressure. We’re talking about foreplay. Would you like to know more? read: Preliminaries: what they are and how they are made
And finally: making love for the first time is an important step that often causes doubts, fears, perplexities. You will remember this for your entire life, however it goes.