What you need to know about sex

When we talk about sex, there is a lot to take into account: virginity, sexual orientation, sexual tendencies, vocabulary… and much more. In this article we will talk about everything you need to know about sex, so that you know what not to do and so that your relationships are more pleasant.

What is sex?

What you need to know about - What you need to know about sex

Most people know what the word sex means. But in this article we are going to develop a complex sexual guide so that you understand all the concepts that sex implies. That’s why to be clear about what you need to know about sex, you have to know all the concepts it encompasses. Sex is the set of activities and peculiarities that each person has to feel sexual attraction and develop sexual practice. This allows the species to reproduce naturally. That is why we will now talk about all the activities and peculiarities that have become normalized among more or less well-known groups.

Pornographic genres

Within the adult film industry we find genres that many people know, but sometimes we don’t know what they refer to. Softcore – This is softcore porn. Hardcore – It is the hardest porn. Gonzo – When the viewer gets involved in the scene. Plot (or Feature) – Conventional movies with explicit sex. Lolicon – It is the Hentai where girls appear who look like minors. MILF – They are porn movies with fuckable mothers. Teen – When girls are teenagers.

Types of sex

First we will talk about something soft. It’s about types of sex. Many may have already experienced them, others may not. But they say you have to try them at least once in your life. Are you going to miss one of the greatest pleasures? Find out what you need to know about sex and don’t miss any kind of sex, because you don’t know it. First time – It is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. It is about losing your virginity and if it is with the person you love, better. Sex with passion – During the first times that the sexual act is done in a couple, there is an uncontrolled desire that they like more than on other occasions. It also happens when there is a stimulus. Enjoy it! After an argument – ​​This moment can surpass the previous one, since after an argument an excessive passion is awakened. It is ideal to solve a conflict. But don’t provoke him… Make love – But when you have sex for love there is more affection and tenderness. You look more for the pleasure of the other. Forced sex – Sometimes monotony wears out couples. It is the most boring sex because the passion has been lost. Phone sex – Talking about sex on the phone, especially if it’s between strangers, causes great stimulation that ends in both masturbating. Be careful, because there are companies that make a living with erotic lines. Casual sex – This can go hand in hand with infidelity (or not). It is about having a very passionate sexual relationship with an unknown person. Cybersex – This is like the previous one, but showing a video of what is being done. There are many people looking for it on the Internet. It involves a virtual meeting, which is mixed with the first time and the preliminaries… it’s fantastic. But be careful not to be recorded. Infidelity – It is one of the most dangerous types of sex, but one of the most stimulating. Sex with strangers offers sensations that can exceed those of the first time. How will your lover be? Will he know how to give you pleasure? Sex with more than one person – Threesomes, swingers or orgies can be the sexual fantasy of many people. Being with more than one person in bed means more stimuli, both visual and physical. But not everyone dares. There are more types of sex, but they will be developed in a separate article.

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Sexual orientations

As you can see, there are many variants of sexuality to take into account. All of them are part of what you need to know about sex. All these types of sex that we have seen can be applied to the different sexual orientations that people can have: Heterosexuality – This is the typical orientation between a man and a woman. Homosexuality – This is sexual attraction between people of the same sex. Bisexuality – When a person is attracted to people of both sexes. Pansexuality – Attraction to people, regardless of their gender or physique. Asexuality – These are people who do not have any sexual attraction. Demisexuality – These are apparently sexual people, but who manage to feel sexual attraction after developing feelings. Lithsexuality – It is about platonic love, where it is not sought to be reciprocal. The person is capable of self-satisfying, thinking about who he wants. Autosexuality – They are people who are attracted to themselves. Therefore, she alone is able to satisfy even her fantasies. Antrosexuality – They are people who are unaware of their sexual orientation and, despite this, can establish loving bonds with people of any identity or gender. Polysexuality – Consists of feeling sexual attraction to people of different genders or sexes. But you can vary the intensity and the way you feel.

Sexual tendencies (types of relationships)

In addition to types of sex and sexual orientations, there is more you need to know about sex. There is another variant that are sexual tendencies. This variant involves different types of sexual intercourse, but which are common. That is why they get their own name: Tantric sex – This is one of the oldest sexual alternatives in the world. It is about oriental sex, which values ​​the sexual act above the final result. It seeks to enjoy the contact of the bodies, as if it were a dance. Mystical sex – It is about the search for pleasure through oriental techniques based on the Kamasutra. Harmony of body and mind is sought, in the union of two people. And all this gives rise to spiritual awakening. Polyamory – It is about having more than one affective relationship at the same time. And they are maintained with the consent of all those involved. Swingers – This is an alternative sexual lifestyle. It applies to couples who have sex with other people, especially other couples. BDSM – It is the practice that Fifty Shades of Gray has made fashionable. It encompasses erotic practices and fantasies related to sadomasochism. Where one person controls the other as master or loves submissive or submissive. Dildos and vibrators – Another trend that has become fashionable is that of self-satisfaction sexually. For this there is a whole range of products designed for sexual enjoyment, both for women and men. Love Chair – Discover a chair designed to have sex on it, in all the Kamasutra postures.

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Sexual Practices

Once the base of the relationships has been established, let’s go with the specific practices that can be had in each of them. When it comes to having a sexual relationship, there are many practices that can be carried out. There are many and of very varied types. That’s why you have a long list below. They are not the only ones, there are many more. They are part of what you need to know about sex, to be an expert in the field. Penetration – It is the most common practice. Masturbation – A person can do it to himself, as well as to his partner. And, as we have said in the previous section, it can be done with objects that help in stimulation. Petting – It is a sexual practice that usually occurs in one-night stands between strangers. It consists of rubbing each other, with clothes on. Oral sex – Also known as French, it is the stimulation of the penis or vagina through the mouth and tongue. If it is done to men it is called fellatio or blowjob and to women it is called cunnilingus. 69 – It is about giving oral sex to each other at the same time. Anal sex – He is also known as a Greek. This is penetration from behind, which can occur with both women and men. Black kiss – It is done by kissing and licking the area of ​​the anus. Cubana – This practice consists of inserting the penis between the woman’s tits. The neckline is the hole that can be used in this type of relationship. King Out – This is all foreplay and sexual play that excludes penetration. It includes oral sex and anal sex, as well as caresses, kisses, titfucks, massages… Feederismo – It consists of mixing sex and food. Fetishism – It is about feeling sexual attraction for objects, rather than for the person who wears them. Ticking – Sexually tickle your partner. Humming – It consists of emitting buzzes with the mouth when practicing oral sex. Fisting – It involves inserting the hand, or part of it, into the anus or vagina. Pegging – It consists of changing roles in the couple, so that she is the one who penetrates him through acne with dildos. Squirting – Men are not the only ones who ejaculate in large quantities. Women do too. This is what the Squirt proposes. There are guides for this. The handkerchief – A very dangerous practice. It consists of inserting a handkerchief with lubricant into the man’s anus and removing it just at the moment of orgasm. Bondage – It is a practice that is usually carried out within BDSM. It consists of tying the body, so that a person feels subdued by her partner. Voyeur – Many times we can feel aroused when seeing other people having sex. They are called voyeurs. Exhibitionism – It is the opposite practice. When a person is excited to be seen and stops, he exhibits himself to other people, often in public places. Sexting – Change roles with your partner, invent characters, a story, send photos… all that and more. What the imagination allows. Cuckolding – This is a sexual fantasy that usually occurs between swinger couples. It consists of feeling sexual attraction to see your partner with other people. The G-spot – Look for the most intense orgasms through different postures and analyzing the sensations.

sex parties

ChemSex: Drug and sex parties Candy Parties: Parties with participants who want to have sex. Rainbow Parties: Parties that bring together people looking for sex. Mamading: It is about giving blowjobs in exchange for drinks. Sex roulette: Group sex without a condom. Barebacking: Unprotected orgies with risky relationships. Cruising: Public places to have sex with strangers. Dogging: Same as above, but with heterosexual couples and men.

sex jobs

Sell virginity: More and more girls are auctioning their first time online. Packs or home videos for money: The packs are a collection of photos of a naked girl. And home videos are those that they record with their partners. There are men and web pages that offer money for this type of sexual content, either for their own consumption or to sell it later. Webcam girls: They are those who practice cybersex in exchange for money. Prostitution: It is the work for which women sell their bodies in exchange for money. Escorts: This is luxury prostitution, where girls are sold only to rich men.

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