Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings

They are the six celebrities who now have millions earnings thanks to OnlyFans in 2022: Find out who they are! Blac Chyna and Bella Thorne lead the top of the platform queens Mia Khalifa is one of the most sought-after adult content creators in the world Celebrities also need extra income. This is demonstrated by the celebrities who decided to make their way onto the OnlyFans platform, which has been on everyone’s lips for months for its erotic content, and which was not really created for that, but it is what has brought millions of dollars in profits. . The subscription platform is very popular and used by women who want to sell sensual -or non-sensual- content, unlike any other social network, it does not censor and allows you to obtain in exchange for a good remuneration, for which several celebrities have a profile, as outlined. These are the most frequent lies of infidels according to an OnlyFans model who only has sex with married men.

How OnlyFans works
OnlyFans is a subscription platform aimed at creators of adult content. Here is explanation how it works: a creator builds his account and those interested can access the content with a monthly fee or micro payments. Despite being known for erotic material, there is also information on other topics, with experts on fitness, music, cooking, among other items.

Six celebrities who make a fortune on OnlyFans

Blac Chyna onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Blac Chyna onlyfans
Blac Chyna The model and businesswoman, Angela Renée White, known by her stage name, Blac Chyna, has been crowned the queen of the platform since she opened her account in April 2020. The American earns up to 17 million dollars a month thanks to her content exclusive and sensual that sells for 19.99 dollars a month.

Bella Thorne onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Bella Thorne onlyfans
Bella Thorne The 24-year-old young actress opened her OnlyFans account in August 2020 and became a phenomenon. In just 24 hours she pocketed a million dollars. On her official page, she offers a glimpse into her daily life through exclusive photos and videos with which she already earns 13 million dollars per month. The figure is $9.99 per month.

Erica North onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Erica North onlyfans

One of the most famous women on OnlyFans is Erica North.She has used her account to share nudes and please her subscribers.In the year 2020, she talked about the fortune she earned with this type of content, 250 thousand dollars, about 900 million Colombian pesos. She not only bets on uploading material, but also chats with her fans in erotic language, in order to monetize the communication.

Cardi B onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Cardi B onlyfans
Cardi-B It was in the middle of 2020, when this 29-year-old rapper opened her profile, but made it clear that she would not upload explicit content. She indicated that she would use the platform to showcase her day-to-day and promote her releases, basically what she did on Instagram, but for a subscription of $4.99 per month. Since then, she has been in the Top 10 of the most sought-after artists on the platform, since her earnings are around 8 million dollars per month.

Mia Khalifa onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Mia Khalifa onlyfans
Mia Khalifa The 29-year-old Lebanese retired from the porn industry, but she knew how to take advantage of her sensual image to generate profits on OnlyFans, where she publishes erotic content. She charges 12 dollars a month for a monthly subscription, which generates up to seven million dollars a month. Khalifa is one of the most sought after adult content generators in the world.

Belle Delphine onlyfans - Top 6 Onlyfans Celebrities By Earnings
Belle Delphine onlyfans
Belle Delphine Another of the most sought-after profiles is that of this 22-year-old singer and actress, whose success and career began on YouTube. This erotic model charges 35 dollars for a monthly subscription, one of the highest rates and which obviously generates more money. Although she has not wanted to reveal the number of subscribers she has, during an interview she did reveal how much money she generates on the platform and the figure is around 1 million dollars a month. Since 2020, this porn actress announced through a YouTube video that she would reach OnlyFans. From her main social networks, she managed to create a large community that helped her become popular on the platform. Currently, she Belle bills more than a million dollars per month and sells quite explicit and hardcore content, which she previously offered through her Instagram, but which was vetoed due to the policies that were handled.

The 6 celebrities who earn the most on OnlyFans in the world. These erotic women leave nothing to the imagination with each publication. The OnlyFans platform has become increasingly popular, where content creators earn money by subscribing thousands of people. In this space, people must pay fees for one month, three months, six months or even a whole year, to enjoy the material on the page. Here you can share from videos, photos, audios and even stories, similar to how Instagram works. The difference is that the content creator receives money in exchange for exclusive content. The categories that can be found in ‘Only’ are too many, from gastronomy and art, models, ordinary people, to pornographic actors and actresses. We take care of making a list of the 5 famous women who bill the most on the platform.