Can women improve men’s sexual health?

Can women improve mens sexual health - Can women improve men's sexual health?

To improve the sexual health of your partner, you must work together, where there must be communication, desire and love.

But, if it is a case where you are a woman and you want to improve the sexual health of your partner, first we congratulate you for the initiative and second, we leave you some tips that you can put into practice to improve the sexual health of men. Find out First, give yourself some time to find out exactly what and how you want to improve your partner’s life. Begin with patience and notice what is and isn’t in your relationship. That is the first step to start with this process. Be affectionate You don’t have to go in and do everything at once. Start one step at a time, it’s what really matters. Start progressively being more affectionate with your partner, kiss him, hug him and always let him know that you love him. You can see more articles on how to be affective. Use toys and lubricants Regardless of their gender, sex toys come in a wide variety, just like lubricants, such as different flavors, smells, temperatures, etc. You can start with the initiative and buy the toys or lubricants yourself and teach how they should be used. Try different sexual positions Do not let the man do what he wants all the time, you also have the right to take the reins if that is what you want. Therefore, change positions yourself and eventually be the dominant person in the situation in bed. Do not focus only on sexual matters Listen to your partner and make him feel that he is not alone and that you will always be there for him. Women must also be detailed, here sex or gender does not matter. Say nice words and always keep compliments in mind. Perhaps this is one of the things that are missing for you to perform better in the sexual sphere and have a better sex life. Ask him what he likes If you don’t know what your partner specifically likes in sex, it’s worth asking. You can also ask as something captious what their sexual fantasies are, perhaps this increases the desire to have relationships and in turn increases said sexual health. Do not give up If, despite having tried, the situation does not improve, do not despair. It is not a process that changes from one day to the next. As mentioned before, it is the work of both of us and that you express that you want to help improve this area, it is of great help and could change many things. If you have trouble maintaining an erection, you can take cialis or viagra to achieve sexual prowess.