Take a look at best 10 places to have sex

At least once in your life you have to try these sites to set your relationship on fire. It is no secret to anyone that having sex in different places out of bed is an indicator that the intimate part with the couple is going through a good time, however, when the sexual energy drops, it is necessary to take action in the affair. Experts on the subject recommend starting to have sex in different places, which fuel passion and generate that touch of adrenaline that is needed to get out of the monotony and thus try new things. Actually, there are many sites that you should try at least once in your life.

Take a look at best 10 places to have - Take a look at best 10 places to have sex

10 places where you have to try to have sex at least once
1. The university
The passion within this venue awakens all kinds of sensations, it really is a classic. Usually, people who have sex in college meet in an empty room, secret room, or bathroom. So they catch them will be a phenomenal memory for life.

2. On a plane
Hollywood movies have taught us well that moment when you connect with another passenger to have adventures. Doing it on a plane is another classic. Those who have done it, know that it turns out to be very narrow and also need a little action. But without a doubt having sex on a plane is a great story to tell.

3. In a pool
When it comes to levels of excitement, the “pool” is a place where water runs through the body while it looks almost naked. Depending on the situation, there will be an adrenaline rush from being found or in other cases, that won’t matter and it will be easier to succumb to the sexy lighting of the night.

4. At work
Although it is not a classic and it is one of the “most difficult” sites due to the level of commitment. It turns out to be a place that older people can take advantage of. It is enough to know which room is unoccupied or, if that is the case, you have your own office to facilitate the sexual encounter.

5. In an elevator
This one is a little more calculated than the previous ones, because it implies a high risk of being discovered. Of course, the higher the floor, the better to test. If you discover how it works and analyze your opportunity, it will be more than perfect for practicing, although beware of the internal camera. Some get carried away by passion and take the opportunity to cross it off their list of places to have sex.

6. In a fitting room
This implies doing it in public so it leads to more adrenaline, usually it is done faster than expected, but it is worth taking the risk. In this case, acting naturally is paramount, and being agile and quiet is more helpful.

7. In front of a window
Generally this happens when it is in a large glass window in a high-rise building. Indulging in desire while some viewers may be watching is another classic fantasy.

8. On the seashore
If it’s about summer love, doing it in the sea is another of the hottest options. It can be done either standing or lying on the shore while the waves lap gently while watching the full moon, it is also romantic and hard to forget.

9. In a church
This may be one of the most daring places, as it is a quiet place where any movement can give it away, however, they are lonely places so it is a great advantage, in addition to the fact that you are doing it in a church, it is a pleasure irresistible ‘rebel’.

10. At the movies
Depending on the cinema, it is a classic to have relationships. Currently, there are so many and so lonely depending on the schedule, that it can be an exciting way to have sex and if the film accompanies it, it will be even hotter.