TheFappeningBlog Review

TheFappeningBlog - TheFappeningBlog

The Fappening Blog got its humble start a few years ago as, shortly after the original Fappening blew up the Internet with some of the best ass and titties the world had ever seen. The blog’s title may be a shameless and downright genius attempt to cash in on that historic event, but it serves up exactly what you’d expect. Namely, they’ve got tons of celebrity nudes: leaked, fake, or otherwise.

If you’ve forgotten about The Fappening, allow me to refresh your memory. You probably whacked off to the fallout, even if you’ve forgotten the name. They also called it Celebgate, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Remember back in August 2014, when you found out that Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and a bunch of other celebrities suddenly had nudes floating around? Yeah, that massive leak of intimate photos of famous people, coinciding with a massive surge in tissue sales, will forever be known as The Fappening.

Clean blog layout
An impressive selection of celebrities
Mostly very soft, minimal hardcore material
Inadequate tagging on posts
Not many hacked nudes lately