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Like keeping up with celebrities and their curvaceous glory without having to sort through a bunch of gossipy shit? Then celebrate and thank me for linking you to

(Technically, I suppose you should also thank the site’s webmaster, but if you’re reading this, how else would you know about it if it weren’t for me.)

Anyway, this compilation is one of the best resources for those who like keeping tabs with the scandalous photos, public nipple slips, and nudie scenes of your favorite celebs.

What’s the Point?
According to Nudography’s web designer, this site is

“I created this site when I was continually running into the same problem. I would see a movie, and some pretty girl would capture my attention. And the first thing I would think of is, “Where can I see her naked?” (Sick, I know, but I’m pretty sure most guys go through the same process.)…”

Yeah, we do, bro. Anyway, back to the quote!

“And later, when you come home, you rush to your computer and Google her name. Usually, you get 10000+ porn sites telling you to pay $30 to see her naked. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, this is just a way to lure you in where they have all her pictures, but it usually turns out that she hasn’t done any nudity.

So I thought of creating this site. We try to research all nudity material, essentially telling you if there actually are any nude photos or not.

Lately, we also try to post all nudity related news, list of future nudity…”

To give you my TL;DR summary of Nudography, it’s essentially a cumpilation…I mean compilation of regularly updated information on the hottest female celebrities. Using this site, you’ll see daily news and photos about these ladies in sexy outfits they wear at award events, accidental (and also “accidental”) wardrobe malfunctions, as well as risque photos from recent movies which range from a flash of sideboob to full-on frontal nudity.

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