Ancensored Review

Ancensored - Ancensored

I am a compulsive masturbator. After I rub it raw reviewing porn sites all day, I try to cool off with some regular primetime TV or blockbuster movies. I always end up spanking it to the famous broads on the screen, whether they flash their shaved twats or not. They usually don’t, ever, but when I see a chick like Brie Larson on the screen I hold out hope. The fuckers at ain’t sitting on their thumbs waiting for it.

The About Us section of lays it out pretty clearly. This crack team of perverts has spent the last decade building a platform for storing, sharing, and watching the biggest collection of celebrity nudes in the world. Every porn site claims they’re the best, but these numbers back it up. The stash includes over 150k videos and nearly a million pics of naked actresses, singers, athletes, and even politicians.

Naked Celebrities and A Wild Ejaculation of Spam
The front page of Ancensored looks like a flashy blog about celebrity news. The only real hint that it isn’t is the creepy dude in the logo, leering out with camera in hand. If that man’s doing his job right, the site should have some good shit to see.

After I typed that paragraph, I clicked the background on Ancensored to get back to my browser. The site repaid the favor by giving me a dose of full-screen pop-up spam, puncturing the condom of my ad-blocker. Not a great way to make an impression.