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Who Doesn’t Love Naked Celebrities?
For what it is, I think it’s fair to say Aznude is excelling. I do enjoy the occasional nude celeb. I mean, it’s not usually the kind of thing that I’ll spend a lot of time on or sit down and wholeheartedly fap to, but I like to appreciate the female form. Especially when it is the female form of celebrities, which has always felt a little taboo for some reason. In a good way. is a hell of a lot more organized and easier to navigate compared to other nude celebrity sites I’ve seen. On the top of the page, you have your A-Z search bar—just click on “S,” for example, and be taken to a list of celebrities whose names start with “S.” To be more specific, you’ll be taken to a list of celebrities whose first names start with “S.” Warning: there are 120 pages of them, so if you’re looking for Sandra Bullock, you’re probably better off just searching her name.

Each femme fatale featured on the site has her own profile and user rating. Her profile will have all the content Aznude has on her. Feel free to rate your favorite (or least favorite) celebs too. Katie Perry, for some reason, had a rating of 4 stars, which I felt to be way too high for her, so I made sure to vote her 1 star to try and bring her rating back down to reality a little bit.

Porn Stars are Celebrities Too
I think that if Aznude kept it strictly to singers, actresses, and famous socialites, I would have grown bored with it pretty quickly. However, they seem to consider porn stars celebrities too and include them in the ranks. Here’s a tip for you: to quickly transition from sexy movie scenes with Mila Kunis, or nip slips of Paris Hilton, click the “real sex” button in the navigation menu to be brought directly to the actual porn.