SFMCompile Review

SFMCompile Review - SFMCompile

I wasn’t sure what SFM Compile was at first, which is kind of ignorant on my part. It is a niche thing, but as somebody who has reviewed, fap-tested and personally consumed the stuff on multiple occasions, it seems like maybe I should be more aware of the terminology. In short, SFM stands for Source Filmmaker, and it’s responsible for a lot of those 3D cartoon pornos you’ve been jerking off to so often lately.

SFM material ain’t necessarily NSFW, as it was designed by Valve to make movies inside their Source game engine. Of course, I wouldn’t be talking about SFMCompile.club if it was just a boring archive of video game characters having wholesome interactions. Honestly, I don’t think they’d be half as popular either. Their traffic has exploded over the last few months to the tune of over 30,000 visitors a day. Let’s find out what they’re shaking their CG ding dongs at.

Tomb-Raiding Sluts, RPG Whores and Giant Naked Vampire Chicks
The layout over at SFMCompile is nothing fancy. Most free video sites opt for a tube-style setup, but this joint is set up more like a blog. Instead of a wall of thumbnails, you get post after post of video game chicks getting all hella stuffed with cock or fucking each other, often with dicks I’m pretty sure they didn’t have in the game. (Then again, since the big companies never put out a game where you can see somebody’s genitals, maybe they were all futanari all along.)
Besides the blog delivery, the other big thing that separates SFMCompile.club from the regular porn tubes is the choice of content. Instead of big-name pornstars getting their tits fucked and brand-new amateurs trying to fit whole hogs down their throat, the action here plays out with hot bitches from your favorite video games. If you’re the kind of pervert who watches the same cutscenes over and over for that three-second glimpse of cleavage, you’re probably going to cum your pants before you even hit a Play button.

They’re good about letting you know which games these broads are from, too, just in case you ain’t up on all the latest and greatest video games. Hey, I get it; some of you fancy fucks are just too damn busy with your fondue parties and croquet tournaments or whatever to enjoy such juvenile entertainment. Anyway, if you want to start acting like a normal human and join the rest of us gamers, this site will give you a good idea of which games might give you a boner while you’re twiddling your thumbs.

Just to name a few of the 3D chicks who might make your dick all hard and drippy, I consulted some of the latest uploads at SFM Compile. There’s Hu Tao from Genshin Impact getting her pussy crammed in the newest video, and before that was a Final Fantasy parody with Tifa and Gwen having a threesome. Widowmaker from overwatch is having her first anal, Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6 is getting some doggystyle, and Jules from Fortnite is giving a handjob with her pretty feet up in the virtual camera’s business.

And of course, Lady Dimitrescu from the latest Resident Evil can be found giving handjobs, riding dick, administering a tit wank, slurping sperm, getting hosed down with cum, providing a footjob and just straight-up raping dudes she catches. The Lady Dimitrescu collection at SFMCompile already stretches on for 3 pages, and I’m sure there’s more to come. Is anyone surprised? Even the game’s Steam reviews are an absolute den of fetishy perversion, with at least one dude giving Village a low rating because the giant vampire bitch never steps on you.

Compiling SFM with SFM Compile
One of the things I like about SFMCompile.club immediately is how well everything is tagged. I’ve been seeing a sad number of half-ass tubes lately where they just scrape some content from somewhere else and don’t bother tagging it with the relevant sex acts or participants. At SFM Compile, they’re really good about tagging the videos with porn genres, characters and video games, so it’s way easier to find what you’re looking