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Nifty Erotic Stories Archive! Erotic literature is the oldest form of smut known to man. It was porn before porn was invented. Dating back to the days of Ancient Greece, epic erotic poems were primarily how people used to get their fap on. Well, in between having gay butt sex with one another, of course (look it up, it was a totally common activity in Ancient Greece).

Erotic lit has survived throughout the ages, though, and is still a popular form of smut even in today’s day and age. That’s right, believe it or not, even with billions upon billions of videos of the world’s hottest women getting fucked in any and every way imaginable at our instant disposal with nothing more than the click of a mouse, some people still prefer to read their porn.

And I must say, I admire their dedication to literature. I mean, I’m a writer by profession and I don’t even read erotic lit to get off. I would put money on the majority of erotic lit readers being women or gay, though. I just don’t see straight men fapping to flowery language sans something to visually help them out. What can I say? We’re a bunch of uncultured swine, it’s true.

I can definitely see the appeal to erotic lit, though. There is something sensual about really good writing. I’ve even read books and stories that have made me hard before (upon which I, of course, promptly set the book down, opened up Porn Hub, and fapped myself to fruition). But reading something to orgasm? I don’t know. I just don’t see it happening for me. But, hey, I’m open-minded, maybe I’ll give it a shot some time.

There are hundreds of sites and resources for the more sapiosexual leaning, literarily-minded horndogs out there to choose from. Many of which have a sort of forum-style, community-oriented feel to them. Many of which allow their users to submit and publish their own work. Not many of which, however, have been around for as long as Nor have many (if any) acquired the same level of respect or academic consideration.

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