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Literotica stories, search, and tags! If you’ve ever stroked the pole while reading dirty stories online, you’re probably already familiar with Literotica. The site has been around for 20 years now and gets well over 50 million views a month. It’s the king daddy motherload of written porno.

The site has hundreds of thousands of stories, poems, and pictures, all submitted by Literotica users. This active and horny community has been key to the site’s longevity and popularity.

Twenty Years of Perving Out
You old fuckers might remember the early days of Internet porn. Back when everyone first started getting online in the ‘90s, you had to get your smut from Usenet forums with names like

Downloading a cumshot pic over dial-up took a few minutes of waiting. No wonder the sex story forums were hopping. Pretty much every category of perversion spawned its own camp of deviates banging out stories.

The problem with Usenet was that it wasn’t as user-friendly as the World Wide Web that was getting so popular with your parents. You needed software other than a web browser to make the most of it. As more people used the web, less used Usenet.

If Usenet wasn’t dead by November 1998 when Literotica opened its doors, the site put the nails in the coffin. Here was a massive, worldwide community of readers and writers of erotic fiction, connected through the simplicity of the web. Access to the growing collection of naughty words was easier than ever before. I must have been 14 years old and just got access to dial-up internet. I bet most of you spoiled fuckers will never understand the pain of downloading a picture or video back in those days and no wonder that sites like this quickly gained popularity, because it was either this or waiting for 30 minutes to see some naked chicks. Alright, I admit, sniffing your sister’s dirty panties was another option. 😉

The founders of Literotica have said they registered the domain and then pretty much came along for the ride. They give the site’s users full credit for turning it into the masturbatory funhouse we know and love.