CHYOA Review


You’re probably wondering what the fuck I’m on about right now. Has finally watched too much porn and has gone off the deep end. No, It all comes together. I’ve found a porn site that’s pretty similar to those books. A choose your own adventure erotica site called, which is what the name of the site stands for. And, for an erotica site, this place brings in the horny chicks and dudes by the fuckload. 3.5 million people come to the site every single month, and they’ve only been around since 2014. That’s some impressive shit.

The first thing I did when I went to this site was let out a sigh of frustration. The site design isn’t bad at all. Great formatting and logo and all of that shit. But a white background for a site built around staring at and reading text for hours. Come on. At least throw in a lights-off mode on the stories or something. The only thing I want to be straining is, uh, yeah I don’t know where I was heading with that one. Fuck eyestrain.

Thousands of Sexy Stories and Hundreds of Thousands of Individual Chapters
Right up top they boast about how much content they have on the site, and they aren’t wrong for bragging. Over 12 thousand stories with more than 436 thousand chapters for you to jerk off to. Some sort of content is being uploaded here every few minutes, whether it be updates, chapter additions, or new stories. The community here is more active than most other erotica sites that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

But what the fuck does all of it mean? It could be a little overwhelming especially for some of you fucks who don’t have a creative bone in your body. That’s fine though. You can still just go ahead and use this site like a normal erotica site. Just click on some stories, whip out your dick, and try and cum along with the protagonist like everyone else does. But that’s not all you can do.