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LushStories! One of the glorious things about porno is that it lets us see our fantasies played out in lurid, living color. Sometimes, though, your fantasies get ruined by bad acting, unenthusiastic humping or fucked-up breast implants. I know some of you perverts are into stuff too kinky for video, too. These are just a couple of the reasons erotic story sites like will always stick around, even in a futuristic world of live webcam boobs and VR sex helmets.

Written porn obviously ain’t for everyone. It takes a little more effort and brainpower to do the reading and imagine the depravity than having it injected straight into your eyeballs. It’s worth it to LushStories’s visitors, though, who still flock to the site by the millions more than a decade after its inception.

Erotic Stories By the Numbers
Just about every porn site on the net has some wild claims on their front page. It’s like every one of them is the biggest and best collection of smut the world has ever seen. For the most part, it’s unverifiable bragging. Lush Stories actually gives you some hard numbers, though.

The very top of the screen says the site has nearly 400k members. Almost 4k of them are online now, and 84 of them are currently in chat rooms. That indicates a very active community of perverts. An active community means there’s always a conversation, and more than 3 million forum posts back that up. The active community also suggests a lot of filthy content.

That suggestion is proven with more numbers. They’ve published more than 50k stories, nearly 400k images, and more than 200k blog posts. The front page shows just the tip of that collection.

I can’t help noticing the Login box. Above the username and password fields is a button that says Join Lush. It makes me think of bath bombs, and a donation-supported smut site being completely crushed by a big cosmetic company if anybody notices the shared name. WTF do I know about copyright law?

There’s Erotic Poetry, Too
I once had a nice wank session

Then went to the poetry section

I read a few rhymes

And wasted my time

And that’s how I lost my erection

LushStories’s collection only shows Stories by default, but you can also choose to show Poems or All. The poetry section is updated nearly as much as the stories, which shocked the ever-living fuck out of me. I figured it was the kind of self-indulgence you get on any site devoted to masturbating, but people are actually rating and commenting on the stuff.

Me? I’m more into the low-brow life advice scratched into filthy bathroom stalls. The poetry on LushStories takes itself a lot more seriously. It’s the kind of poetry that doesn’t even rhyme most of the time. I ain’t a connoisseur, but I think you art fags are going to be happy.

A Constant Stream of Written Porno
The porn is served in a different format than most on LushStories, but a lot of the delivery is the same. By default, they show the Latest stuff here, too. You can also sort by Popular or most Viewed if you’d prefer.

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