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Mofos Network! You know your site’s a big player in the XXX industry when you can recognize the logo from the countless times it popped up on other XXX sites. I’m sure most of you out there have been distracted by those gifs of various girls getting fucked on popular XXX sites like Pornhub, XVideos, XNXX and so on. Most of those advertisements are from Mofos, which is why they’re one of the hottest, most popular XXX domains today.

They’ve been around for 10 years now, and I’m certain that plenty of lonely dudes have jacked it to videos shot by them, since they are a pornographic production company after all. If you’re one of those people who fantasize about fucking random women you see on the street or on public transport during your day then Mofos should be your drug of choice when it comes to watching porn because their specialty is reality scenes.

They Are the Master of the Reality Genre
These guys are the best when it comes to making believable fuck-flicks that will help you fantasize about fucking just about any girl or woman you’re crushing on. If you’ve ever wanted to plug your English teacher’s asshole after class or make an oral creampie for that hot college-grad student neighbor of yours, then you really ought to check out the stuff these guys are producing. was specifically made to create reality porno scenes back in 2008 – their creator was actually none other than Brazzers, one of the most popular pornography productions in the world.

They decided to create Mofos Network in order to shoot videos with short storylines in contrast to the long, drawn-out plots that are common in Brazzers’ videos. This is why all of Mofos’ ads feature a weird buildup that sums up the short storyline of the video before the actual fucking takes place – these guys want all those lonely avid porn fans out there to really get invested in their plots before cumming to the fuck scenes in order to get more out of the orgasm.