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Evil Angel - Evil Angel

Looking for some hardcore anal gonzo porn? The production company, EvilAngel.com is one of the oldest names in the game. Started in 1989 by John Stagliano, Evil Angel was able to easily rise to prominence in an era when porn suddenly became significantly cheaper to make. In the late seventies, pornos were still being shot on 35-millimeter film and a single production could cost up to $350,000 to make.

With the rise of VHS technology, though, in the 1980s, porn producers could suddenly produce high-quality content for around $4,000. Stagliano and Stagliano, however, produced his film, Bouncing Buns independently in 1983 for $8,000. And, from that moment on, he has not stopped putting out top-tier films and innovating the genre.

Stagliano started Evil Angel in 1989 to help him sell his own films. The name, Evil Angel, apparently, was inspired by Stagliano’s days as a male stripper. Of the name he says:

There was another guy in one of my shows named John. So, this MC started calling me Evil John to differentiate us. This was when I was doing Dracula and chains. At the same time, I had a girlfriend who called herself Angel when she did strip shows. She was a very nasty girl and I suggested that she call herself Evil Angel. She didn’t, but I loved the name and wound up using it for my company.

Evil Angel, it turns out, is also a very appropriate name, given the ‘nastiness’ level of the content they went on to produce, and still produce to this day (but more on that later).

Respect the Originators
It is hard to overestimate the amount of influence that Stagliano and Evil Angel had on the porn we watch today. Stagliano is credited with conceiving the idea for POV porn in 1989. Let that sink in—that is fucking huge. Evil Angel is also often cited as the first studio to pioneer the genre of gonzo porn, which was a complete accident.

Mostly due to a lack of funds, much of Evil Angel’s early work had some shaky camerawork, no connective narrative between scenes, and a raw, low-budget aesthetic. This early work, however, influenced a genre of porn that is a giant in the industry today, something filmmakers actually go out of their way to emulate.

In 1997 the US News and World Report named Evil Angel the single most profitable porn production studio. In 2007 the studio was nominated for 127 Adult Video News (AVN) awards, spread over 60 different categories (this was the fourth consecutive year the studio had received over 100 nominations, mind you).

Evil Angel continues to push the envelope and innovate the art form. One of the few big-name studios that produces transsexual content, in 2015 Evil Angel reported that such videos were their most profitable category, by a long shot, earning, on average, around 15-20% more money per movie than any other type of film they offered. It truly is hard to put a finger on just how influential and successful Evil Angel has been over the last 30 years or so. No other studio even comes close to comparing.

All of this, of course, begs the question: how have they handled the transition into web-only content? Well, let’s take a look at their members’ area and find out. Upon landing on the home page, the design and layout look pretty standard—black background, red text, lots of big thumbnails, a big announcement banner at the top of the page (which is, thankfully, not advertising anything other than Evil Angel films).

One thing on the home page that already makes Evil Angel stand out from other paid membership sites that I’ve been on is that on the left-hand side of the page you will find a directory, not of porn stars or featured actresses like you might expect, but of featured directors. Toggle between a list of the most popular Evil Angel directors or an alphabetical list. This should tell you a fuck load about Evil Angel as a studio and what they value—they truly do approach their videos as more than just recordings of hot chicks getting fucked; they look at their productions as films, through and through.

Hard Fucking Core
Just looking at a few of the screenshots used for the thumbnails makes it easy to see that nasty, raw, hardcore aesthetic I mentioned earlier. Many of the models are tatted up and alternative looking, the scenes are set in places like city busses, back alleys, and in warehouses with graffitied-up walls. Almost every video boasts hardcore ass fucking, gaping, gagging, or double-penetration. This is some hardcore shit, for sure, definitely not for the sensitive little pricks out there.

This is some of the roughest mainstream stuff I’ve ever seen. Evil Angel is not fucking around. Not one bit. Hardcore anal seems to be a favorite of these directors, so if you’re an anal fan, you are in luck. They also have some of the wildest orgy videos I’ve ever seen—squirting and gaping and choking and screaming and gagging and ass fucking every which way the video camera aims. This is the kind of shit you grit your teeth to while you fap, let some of your aggression out.

Evil Angel