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Family Strokes - Family Strokes

FamilyStrokes! Staged taboo porn or family sex has seen a massive spike in popularity over the past few years. More specifically, faux incest porn has become one of the most commonplace genres in the adult industry. What started as a small, niche market kink has quickly skyrocketed in demand to become as popular as any other genre in the mainstream porn market.

Thanks to sites like Family Strokes, Dad Crush, Sis Loves Me, Bratty Sis, and Step Siblings Caught, every dirty old pervert who has ever entertained the idea of getting a taste of the forbidden fruit of step-family members now has an abundance of content to choose from. Turns out you were far from alone in your formerly unspeakable desires to fuck your stepdaughters, stepsisters, and stepmothers—there is now a huge community of equally dirty old perverts with the same secret, taboo lusts.

Unleash Your Deepest, Darkest Desires (But Not Really…)
I’ll be taking a look at today—probably one of the more popular and successful sites that cater to the demographic of pornophiles whose mouths water over those sexy sluts who are closest to them (and not blood-related…at least I hope that your mouth isn’t watering over your actual sisters and mothers; if so, you should probably click out of this review right now, open a new tab, and find yourself a decent therapist).

At first glance, Family Strokes is chock full of top-notch, high-quality, premium videos. Just scrolling down the site’s home page is enough to get your cock hard. The girls on Family Strokes are unbelievably sexy. And the situations that they often find themselves in are, admittedly, very hot (and super kinky). Most of the scenarios presented on Family Strokes involve sneaking around other family members in one way or another. One video, for example, starring Bambi Black (oh my god…!) is summarized under the extra-large thumbnail:

Bambi Black and her stepbrother are such good caretakers. They help their temporarily blind dad into the house gently and carefully, sitting him down on the couch and offering him their love and support…They sneak away while their blind dad is left alone in the dark and decide to start some foreplay in the hallway. Then, they give the old man some headphones so they can fuck in peace. Bambi sucks her step bro’s curved cock with verve and vigor before proceeding to ride him rambunctiously on the couch next to their blind dad. As she takes her step bro’s dick, in her tight, white pussy lips, her dad tries valiantly to regain his vision. Then, just as her stepbro busts his load all over Bambi, their dad comes to and can miraculously see again. Too bad he couldn’t see what his kids were up to!

That should give you a pretty solid idea of the kind of content you’ll find on Family Strokes. They certainly don’t half-ass their videos in any way, shape, or form. As you can see, their videos are really well thought-out and thoroughly detailed in plot. Which is a good thing, seeing as this entire genre of porn hinges entirely on storyline and situation. In other words, the story has to be good, the entire fantasy depends on it!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Fuckin’
Family Strokes doesn’t compromise their outstanding level of quality hardcore porn in lieu of storyline either. The good ol’ fashioned fucking does not get lost in the circumstance of the plot. Like I said before, their actresses are some of the hottest I’ve ever seen (not to mention some of the most skilled performers as well). Beyond the fucking and the talent being so grade-A, the quality of the cinematography is on point as well. All HD videos on Family Strokes, with some expert camera work to boot.

Family Strokes