Instagram stars get naked on OnlyFans

Instagram stars get naked on OnlyFans - Instagram stars get naked on OnlyFans

Against a monthly subscription, the platform allows fans to see network celebrities, like Clément Castelli, in their simplest device.
How far would you go for money, admiration, desire and your ego? In Wired, journalist Jason Parham recounts his personal experience of OnlyFans, a site that allows the publication of photos or videos that include nudity or pornographic scenes.

It’s full of influencers looking for extra income, travel bloggers, and fitness stars. For the price of a subscription ranging from 5 to 25 dollars (from 4.5 to 22.5 euros) depending on the account, you can access photos or videos similar to those you will find on their Instagram at the polished and colorful presentation.

But most often, you will come across sex scenes instead – alone, in pairs, in threes or more, between all genres and for all desires. Suggestive photos, erect penises, bare breasts: everything that the usual free platforms do not show. Discounts can also be found when signing up for multiple months at once. Many of them offers a porn site discount will do nicely when you purchase multiple months in advance. This can be a great way to save money if you plan to subscribe to the site for a long period of time.

Gender and Influence
Launched in 2016, the site is only beginning to gain popularity a year later. It now brings together more than 70,000 people who create content, a customer base of 7.5 million people and is growing by 25,000 subscribers every day.

“Social media influencers are the new celebrities,” observes Timothy Stokely, the site’s founder. “OnlyFans is a much more lucrative and simple way to monetize influence.”

Among the people concerned who find their account there is Clément Castelli. Accustomed to French reality TV, he is one of the people who have sufficient notoriety to claim to undress on OnlyFans. When he discovered the existence of the site, the former actor of “Marseillais” says he wondered: “What is this thing?”, Before taking the plunge. “I was like, ‘Why not?'” he told Wired.

On the border of porn
Since then, Clément Castelli has explored his limits. He basically posts suggestive photos. The very first is a selfie in the bathroom. He is naked, but his most sensitive parts are hidden. “They didn’t see my penis, but almost,” Castelli wrote to Jason Parham.

Wary of the effect the platform might have on his image, he first groped his way. He hesitates when a fan asks him for a photo of his feet, before giving in. He sends one of his boxers to another. What to answer when one of his followers asks him to film himself having sex with his girlfriend? “I don’t do porn,” Castelli decides. But he admits not knowing how far he would be able to go if he were offered a lot more money. After all, he improvises every day. “I don’t know what I’m going to post five minutes before,” he says.