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Millions of Free Amateur Movies
The full XVideos stash runs over 9 million deep, and their amateur library is similarly extensive. As of this writing, they have over two million homebrew fuck flicks in their archive. I don’t care how much Viagra you snort or how many barrels of industrial lube you bought at Costco; you ain’t going to fap your way through the entire thing. Yes, motherfucker, this is a challenge!

If you do take me up on this new viral Internet challenge, which is sure to rival any TikTok set-your-house-on-fire challenge, I have a couple of tips for you. First of all, don’t pace yourself. Second, you’d better watch these movies at fucking double speed. Even then, you’re going to have to use multiple screens and jack off to a bunch of homemade movies at a time. Why? Because new amateur videos are added to XVideos damn-near constantly.

Xvideos Amateur