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I make love with amateur content. Videos that are professionally shot very well and all, but amateur porn is far more real. Whether this is an image that you never mean to be seen, or a video from Sexy Babe craves some attention online, there is always something new and fun to conceuit. But the main obstacle with amateur porn is finding that the baby who is aroused again or follows the person who posted a video about him and his wife made love like an animal. Types of videos and images are much more difficult to find or source. But it’s not worried anymore! I think I might have a site that pumps extraordinary amateur content while utilizing some unique features that keep you up to date with your favorite content maker. combines your amateur porn gallery site which is normal with photo and video sharing features. And they did it for a surprising 21 years. That’s right, this site has been around since 1998. I often say this, but I’m really serious when I say that it is a long time. Their number is also not joking. They draw 12 million very respectable views every month. At first glance, I understand why they carry extraordinary numbers. They have a fairly unique concept with what is seen as a good content option, but let’s check and see how well the IDE is run.

Easy to register and get started. Good site design for night search.
When you first go to the site you have to register. Do not panic. Free. I connect my reddit account quite easily. It only takes one click and I’m ready to go. But you can also register via email or other social media accounts. Keep in mind that registering with Reddit will use your reddit username. If you have personal information or something in it. But once you finish with it, you will be taken to the front page.
Looks quite simple. Black background, white text. There are no crazy flashing ads or messy menus. It’s a good layout that is easy in the eye to explore the night. Under the center of “ero me”, you will see many preview images. The left and right side is empty, leaving only the top header for navigation and unlucky. The menu is “Home, Feed, Saved, Profile, Upload, and Settings.” It’s very easy, but I will guide you past it. Oh, you will also see the menu on the right with several other options. Just ignore it. They are all just a link that takes you to another site.

Simple and minimal design making easy navigation
On the main page you can sort by “hot” or “new.” You can’t really filter videos from pictures or anything like that, but at least you get that information in the preview. Preview will display the first image in the gallery, or the first thing you see when you start the video. The preview that includes some images will flip them quickly when you direct, and you can see if the gallery has a video or image on the bottom right of the image. You also get the gallery name above, with the username at the bottom. I would say that some of the sorting options again here will be a good addition.
I did have one small complaint about preview. They are difficult to read. It’s a white text without limits, so if there is a white in the background you have to narrow it out. But it’s no big problem. They really killed him here by having a small slide show that was fast when you pointed your cursor. That’s all redeeming the text.

If you want to do a search, you can use the search bar above, but you might have to use the site for a while for it useful. You can’t really look for popular pornstars here. You must learn popular users and posters. But when you find the gallery you like enough to click on the preview and you will get a full page of all photos / videos. Simply scroll down through them to check it out. This site has blew up to full size for you, so there is no problem there.