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Should We Jizz on the Cam Whores Bay aka Free Cam Bay today? We live in an amazing time. Everyone brings the camera in their pocket at this time, and it looks like every beautiful woman is eager to share sexy selfies through the internet. The sluttier has no problem taking everything or eating dick on the camera. is one of the more websites that have sprung up to handle this new DIY smut wave.

Cam Whores Bay, which was previously known as, was a fairly new player at the internet porn location. They are only about one year, but their traffic really explodes in recent months. They currently get around 5 million visits a month from mesum aroused just like you. Let’s find out the reason.

Not the prostitute cam that you expect
A beautiful friend of mine was hammered at a bar last weekend and chatting this dear with big breasts. They hit him and returned to his place for some drunk sex. Dude finally called me at 3:00 a.m., all really scary, when it turned out to have a dick. It’s a bait and old switch.
Camwhoresbay made me with the same trick, even though the results were much better. I pulled the site, really sure it would be a live cam prostitute site where I would get a prostitute to my own finger for me. “Cam prostitutes” are part of the title, so that’s the expected natural thing. Imagine I was surprised when I found a site full of pre-recording amateur porn.

Yes, as I said, finding great homemade porn deposits is a much better surprise than finding a great wiener on your weekend’s hookup. I still feel it’s a misleading name. Most of these chickens will technically do prostitutes, and they record their clips with webcams, but you cannot interact with them or whatever.

Listen, I know it’s not a bait fraud and actual switch. No need to cheat people to see Naked Young Nymphos damn for cameras, and camwhoresbay is a free site. I will only call it something else. Considering them briefly called freecambay, they might have a different business model in mind when they first set up a shop.

Tube, not market
The name Camwhoresbay is a game on eBay, but the site doesn’t really have the same thing as a big auction site. Load the site and look like a typical porn tube, it only specializes in amateur babes.
The top part of the front page is a few clip lines recommended for you. Obviously, this feature only works if you visit enough for the site to find out what you like. If you are new, you might get a lot of solo masturbation scenes with blowjobs here and there.

Under the recommended clip recently added. It gives you a good feeling of how quickly camwhoresbay grows. In the last 24 hours, about a hundred new videos have been added. There are 60 Vids per page, and the back collection of 9928 pages. It was almost 900,000 clips, which was not bad for this young site.

While camwhoresbay is not a cam site in the traditional sense, the majority of clips are amateur prostitutes playing in front of the webcam, usually alone. It’s almost exactly the type of content you expect from a cam site, minus direct element.

There are several clearly professional scenes scattered throughout the collection, but not too much. It’s not like some “amateur” sites where a group of porn porn who recognizes to pretend it’s the first time or they take revenge on some girlfriends that are dicked.

The dropdown video menu in the header lets you sort the top ranking scene, most views, playlists, and tags. I checked the top rank to see what was hot on camwhoresbay.