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KissJAV - KissJAV

What’s Kiss JAV aka Shy AV all about? You perverts out there with a fetish for Japanese girls probably already know this, but JAV is an abbreviation, short for Japanese Adult Video. Add a kiss in front of that, and you have one of the largest Japanese porn tubes on the web. Kiss Jav specializes in more than just Japanese videos, though; they have tons of Korean JAV and Chinese content as well. It is the Porn Hub of exclusively Asian content.

With over 2,500 pages of videos and counting, you are unlikely to run out of content anytime soon. Many of these videos, however, are censored. The dicks and pussies of the actors are pixilated or blurred out due to Japanese obscenity laws. And, seeing as most of the content on is produced in Japan, most of the content is, therefore, going to be censored.

I’m not entirely sure, but maybe that is part of the allure for people with a Japanese kink. Something about craving a taste of the forbidden fruit. That would totally make sense. Us men are notorious for wanting what we cannot have. If that’s the case, there will be plenty of censored content on Kiss Jav for you to let your imagination run wild with.

Who the Fuck Wants to Watch Censored Porn?
For those of you who are not as interested in watching porn if you are not able to see the penetration (count me in this group), KissJav does have an uncensored section—although it is significantly smaller. Just under 500 pages of uncensored videos (about 1/5 of their total content). So, if you can’t deal with the censored stuff and you don’t mind too much if the girls aren’t Japanese, you might be better off checking out some of their Korean or Chinese content.

The lack of uncensored JAV content on this site, though, to be clear, is not exactly Kiss Jav’s fault. Japan is dead ass serious about their laws, so it’s somewhat rare that uncensored videos are even made available. And they are usually done so through someone in a Japanese production studio leaking the videos online before the censorship editing process is done. In other words, some Japanese dude who’s just trying to make an honest living is putting his ass on the line so that you can have some uncensored JAV. Hey, I’m glad he is; there are some really fucking hot Japanese porn stars out there.