JavFinder Review

JavFinder - JavFinder

At Jav Finder (javfast), you’ll find Japanese Adult Videos or JAV for short. It’s some of the best and craziest porn out there. Seriously, if you thought their gameshows were wild then you need to take a dive into the kinky world of JAV. Maids, incest, (fake) molestation, tentacles, time-stop, you name it and JAV has it. You can discover all sorts of new kinks and fetishes that you would have never seen by sticking to the same old Western porn. These girls put their all into it, too. Smiles all the way, cute high-pitched moans, and so, so sexy.

Jav Finder is just the site for all of your kinky Asian fantasies. Full-length movies. HD vids, and much, much more. I couldn’t tell you why it’s a Russian domain for a JAV site, but whatever. Apparently, they used to have other domains like .me or .media, but they no longer work. So, you’re stuck with .ru. I hope your ISP allows it!

The first thing I saw on the site was a cute little message apologizing for the ads on the site. Yeah, they’re going to have to do more than apologize for the absolute mess of a user experience that these ads create. Maybe send one of those Japanese girls over and we could work something out, but otherwise, it’s fucking awful. Big animated banners on the sides of the webpage. If you try and click the little ‘x’ button it just redirects you to something else.

Then there are the pop-up ads. Every time you click somewhere you get redirected to some sketchy looking porn site or game. But wait, there’s even more bullshit! When you finally get to a video it plays an ad before it, then when you click skip, it plays another ad, and then when you hit play you get a pop-up. Oh, and there are even ads periodically throughout the video! Mother fucker, just thinking about it pisses me off. My first experience on the site shouldn’t be a bombardment of bullshit.