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KindGirls - KindGirls

Rather, most girls really aren’t into that, and modern pornography shoves a ton of myths down our throats. We’re not immune to this “pornographic propaganda,” obviously. We simply have to succumb to its influences after consuming it for a while, but there’s a way out, obviously. The way out is the consumption of a different kind of pornography, and that type of porn would be this “tasteful” content that you can find on

The name of the website “Kind Girls” is actually quite welcoming, too. I mean, it gives you a nice idea of what you’re supposed to expect on this website. Don’t you get it yet? You’re going to see lots of wonderful PlayBoy-esque pictures of gorgeous gals showing off their bodies. Don’t you think that our girls deserve to be portrayed like this a little bit more? Well, of course, they do, I mean, if you don’t like it, they’re going to like it, at least. Now, this isn’t that great for the porn industry, seeing as men are the ones who primarily consume porn…but you know what I’m getting at.

So, is this tasteful nudity completely free? Well, yes, it is. Not only is it completely free to look at these wonderful pictures, but it’s also free to download them as well. Most of these pictures can be downloaded in a wonderful HD resolution. So, you can expect to find a ton of wonderful wallpapers on this website, too. Though, who even uses pornographic pictures as wallpapers? Well, apparently, some people do. They just don’t give a fuck…or they turn their laptop away from people when they pass by. Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just giving you ideas here. I’m not here to judge you.

So, all of the porn here is completely free, but there must be a catch, right? Well, there’s nothing of the sort in here, seeing as all the porn is completely free and you don’t even need to suffer through a bunch of ads in order to download or to view content, which is great. It’s not something you would expect from a small page such as this one.