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I’ve already mentioned quite a few times by now that this page is “fresh,” and the word “fresh” meant different things every single time when it was used, but I’ll sum it up here, to avoid all kinds of confusion. First off, when I first called it fresh, I meant that the page really looks nice and that the design isn’t basic and simple as most websites are. The next time I called the page fresh, I mean that it was crowded with great features that come in handy (even though this page lacks categories which is a big minus). When I called it fresh for the third time, I was referring to the player since it looked very nice and it loads videos quickly, which is a great thing. What’s a porno website with a lame player?

Nothing, really. All in all, it’s pretty easy to use this website as it is crowded with great content and there are little to no ads. Furthermore, it is completely free (this refers to both the videos and pictures). What more could you ask for? Free porn, man! Reach out and take it! This homepage isn’t what you usually get to see on porn pages, especially porno websites that post pictures and nothing else for the most part. I mean, ImaginePost has a lot of videos, sure, but they are primarily a page that is dedicated to posting pictures. So, they don’t have a lazy design, but rather, the design of their homepage is quite creative, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen beforehand. Let’s talk about the little things first, and then we can focus on the crucial elements, okay? First off, let’s talk about the color palette of Image Post.