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Fuskator - Fuskator

Fuskator brings you huge collection of nude, porn and sex pics galleries right before your eyes.
Not every fap has to be to the newest and boldest 4k HD VR porn out there. Sure, that shit is great. But sometimes it’s nice to kick back and explore one of the old mediums for internet porn: porn galleries. They are pretty simple, but they almost always have a ton of content. Plus, they’re usually completely free! Kind of like that 7/10 cute girl next door. Sure, she might not let you tie her down to the bed and eat her ass, but she’ll do everything else that matters. There’s no need to overcomplicate the good shit.

And the site that has all of the fappable shit today is called fuskator.com. Before you ask, no, I don’t know what the fuck it means. It sounds vaguely Swedish? Who knows, and who cares? They’ve got porn. And they’ve had this unique domain since as early as the start of 2010. That’s nearly a decade of content at your sex-starved fingertips. And Fuskator is maintaining a pretty consistent 6ish million visitors every month. Nothing to go crazy about, but they have a steady following for a site that’s just dedicated to porn galleries.

When you first head over to fusktor.com, you will be greeted with their front page of porn galleries. It’s a pretty decent layout and design. It has a beautiful black background with gray thumbnail boxes and light text. It’s functional. My initial thought here was that the thumbnails are a bit too small. Yeah, you get a lot more galleries on the screen with the small boxes, but I would have preferred fewer thumbs with larger images.

Limitless Pictures to Choose from and Tons of Different Types of Porn
There’s a ton to choose from here. They boast in the top right corner that the site contains over 7 million images, nearly 400 thousand galleries, and 3 thousand gigs of material. As you should expect, there is a lot of variety in content here. You could search up just about anything from lesbian and bukkake scenes to BDSM and scat. Well, as long as it’s all straight. You won’t find any gay porn or any shit like that here. You might find a couple of galleries that have slipped through the cracks, but you’d be better off looking for that kind of porn elsewhere since they have a rule for uploaders asking them to upload straight content only. But, no complaints here! They know their audience and are sticking to it well.

If you’re not drawn in by the slutty babes on the front page, then you have a few options at your disposal. You can flip through the 9000+ pages of content one by one; you can sort by quality, rating, or number of tags; or you can use the search bar like a sane person. Seriously, the other options here are pretty trash. The number of tags? How does that help anything? The only one that really helps is the quality search.