Let’s talk about lesbians or lesbianism

What comes to be female homosexuality. It refers to women who are attracted to people of the same gender. It is an important part of female sexuality, which dares to challenge gender roles.

Lesbian Love - Let's talk about lesbians or lesbianism

In the past it was taboo It is increasingly common to see women classified as lesbian or bisexual (who are attracted to other women, but also to men). In the past many of these women were identified as sick, the same thing that happened with gays. Some girls, even engaging in this type of lesbian practice, repudiate the term lesbian and hide. Still to this day there are people who see it as impure relationships. And that we can already see it in movies and series, or even there are more and more couples of girls. But what is clear is that very soon it will be seen as something totally natural and there will be no people who continue to consider homosexuality as a human defect. Meanwhile we will continue to see this group of people claim their rights and fight for equality.

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Type of sexual relations that they can have One of the doubts that always arises when two women have sexual relations is what practice they can carry out and which ones cannot. How can they enjoy in bed? Obviously they cannot penetrate, which is the most common practice. However, they can experience similar sensations through pegging. But apart from experimenting, what is known is that sex between women is very different. They know better how to touch each other, how to stimulate each other and how to have more orgasms with each other than when they have sex with men. More importance is given to kisses, caresses, oral sex and masturbation. But the best of all is that they do it with an unusual meaning and passion. That is why it is often said who who tries…repeats. The most important difference is that orgasm is not the end of the relationship, since most are multi-orgasmic.