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Yeah, baby! Viper Girls! A lot of people have this image of the pornography superfan as a lonely, isolated recluse, holed up in his basement and jerking off to hardcore anal porn 24-7, never interacting with another human soul. That just isn’t true. There are some thriving communities of perverts out there. ViperGirls, for example, gets over 15 million visits a month. See? I interact with a lot of people, even throughout a six-day masturbation binge, during which I never leave the basement. is an old-school Internet forum. If you’re looking for instant gratification, you should probably head back to one of the free tubes. This place is more like a library, although they haven’t yet had to post a “No Jerking Off” sign, and I don’t think they will. That’s kind of their whole thing. I suggest a nap and a Viagra before browsing these crowded halls.

Lots of Perverts, Perving Out and Doing Perv Stuff
When it comes to forums, you want to see some good hard numbers. Nobody wants to check out a board with four members and 17 posts. Well, maybe furries with a vore fetish because their pickings are so slim, but the rest of us want tons of dirty pictures and videos right at our fingertips. That’s pretty much what we’re used to at this point.

ViperGirls has been around for about five years, which has been enough time for them to build up a solid following and a killer stash. Some stats at the bottom of the front page break it down for you. They’ve got over 35 million posts in almost 4 million threads, added by 220k members.

The thing about membership numbers on a porn forum like this is that they only really hint at how popular the fucking thing is. Be honest, when was the last time you actually took the time to make an account on a site that was just giving out free dirty movies? Don’t feel bad. Nobody does. Well, except those 220k. The vast majority of users are leechers just like you.

If you do want to sign up, because you’re such a community-minded motherfucker or have some good shit to share, it’s free and easy. Instead of the standard warning about how you can get banned for breaking the rules, there’s a warning about how registration is permanent. This oath is apparently written in blood, so maybe it’s related to that Angelina Jolie Hollywood sex cult I heard about.

Naked Celebrities and Filthy Pornstars Together at Last
I knew ViperGirls had celebrity news because two sub-boards at the very top of the page are dedicated to Celebrity Content. I didn’t want to dig through nearly half a million posts featuring photos and videos of famous naked people, so I just typed Angelina Jolie into the search bar up in the header.

No fewer than 500 results came back. Some of them are thousands of posts long, with titles like Personal Spoiled Movies, the New Collection of BDSM Videos, and Fake Celebs Go to DeepFakes Porno Clips. It’s actually hard to find the Angelina stuff in such deep threads, but there are a few dedicated entirely to her nude scenes.