PlanetSuzy Review

PlanetSuzy - PlanetSuzy

Planet Suzy is a major porn forum catering mostly to straight content that includes celebrities, amateurs, and hentai. Because it is a forum, the site does not provide any content of its own, but instead depends on the community to provide all the content.

This is done through 3rd party file sharing websites. For pictures, you’ll be going to an image host where you can directly see the photos, but for videos, you need to actually download the videos rather than stream it. This is fucking annoying because you have to wait for the download to finish, and the speeds can be slow.

You’re pretty much required to register if you want to interact with the forum. Some of the content is available to you, such as looking through the previews and sometimes even downloading certain files, but as you dig deeper into Planet Suzy you’ll realize that you need to register for most of the shit. Some sections like Vintage porn, you won’t even be able to preview without signing up.

There is a ton of content here. I estimated about 200,000 active threads across the entire place, and literally millions of posts. I don’t think there are many forums that can compete with the sheer size of PlanetSuzy, it’s just too many bitches.

A typical looking forum runs off of a standard vBulletin template. If you don’t know, vBulletin is one of the most popular forum templates around, so you should feel at home navigating around if you aren’t a stranger to the internet.

As a forum, you have the directory, the subdirectories, and the actual threads. Typically, a certain topic will clump all the content into that same thread. For example, the thread for Sara Jean Underwood will collect all the content for her into one thread, so you can just run through it without having to look in different places.