Perfect Girls Review

Perfect Girls - Perfect Girls

PerfectGirls was registered by some enterprising perv way back in 2000. “Perfect Girl” is a sweet enough name to get traffic just by existing, so for a few years it was just ads for different porn sites. A couple of years later they started hosting videos, and by 2010 it looked very much like it does now.

Don’t think this means the site is stale or has the “perfect porn”. I’m not even sure, why they didn’t get “”? They just figured out a format that worked and stuck with it. There have been refinements over the years, and they continue to improve, but the core look is the same: a huge grid of dirty movies, featuring every type of hot slut engaged in every imaginable form of depravity. Hover over an image for a video preview, click it to watch the whole thing.

One big improvement that Perfect Girls “tube” implemented late, only within the last few years, is the option to browse videos by category. That would have been a deal-breaker for me. If you avoided the site in the past because you couldn’t skip straight to the Lesbians or Brunettes, you’re going to want to come take another look at what they’ve got on tap.

Perfect Girls