NameThatPorn Review

NameThatPorn Review - NameThatPorn

Can you name this porn? We have all seen it at one time or another. Hell, some of you were probably responsible for this, browsing the Internet without goal for the name of a girl you saw in dark porn years ago and that I have never been able to find. It is such a common practice on each porn site – in particular free porn tubes due to the often anonymous nature of the videos downloaded by the user – someone, inevitably, appearing in the comments section with something like ” Who is this goddess? ” or “Name please”.

Is it slightly boring? Yes, don’t be this fucking guy. Just put your FAP and put it back. What are you going to find all her catalog, fall in love with your computer screen with your cock in your hands, discover where she lives and make her fuck? We all know that it does not happen. So why do you care about the names of the sluts so much? Not all the girls in a porn scene become a porn star … there is a good chance that if you could not find her other, so that’s all she did, Bud. Sorry to break you.

But I understand, I do it. Some girls are too hot to let your fingertips pass, like so much sperm that it has inspired. Even if she has no other videos there, it is always worth being check. I understand. The only thing that always bored me to see comments like this on sites like Porn Hub or Red Tube is the fact that I have always known, basically, that there must just be a site specifically designated To this end – I knew that, in the large and endless digital space of porn websites, there must be a site specifically devoted to helping scary kisses like you porn stars or video titles.

And I was right. There are. So, not only I was right (which is one of my favorite things … just after Cumming, that is to say). But now, I can start being bored by all the pathetic kissers who publish “who is” on porn hub as if the sexy slut herself was going to enter the section of comments like: “I’m here, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Come fuck me. So please pay particular attention to this exam. After publishing this, I no longer want to see messages like that on a porn tube.