MyWape Review

MyWape Review - MyWape

Do you want to see my wape? This is an unchanged question because I suppose that you are still many of you who do not even know what a wape is. Hell, I am a fucking perversion expert, and even I had to do a little duty on Google to see what the word meant. It could be an acronym for a weighted average percentage, which is bullshit about sales forecast, and super difficult to masturbate. But, I think they go with the definition of Wape that I found on Urbandictionary: “Franchage and type at the same time.” Hey, it looks like my work! is a social media style platform to share dirty photos and videos. The area has been recorded a few years ago, but it was only in the past two months that site traffic has really taken off. Two months ago, they received nearly a million visitors per month. Last month, they obtained 2.5 million and this month was trying to be in the fucking stratosphere. It tells me that the joint has something worth removing the lubricant and shaking your cock, so that’s exactly what I started to do.

Let me show you my wape
Mywape is not a social porn site paid like only fans or one of his copies, but it looks somehow the front because the first page does not tell you a fucking thing on what is to The interior. These guys don’t even have a fucking logo! Pull in, and you will see five buttons and a base page with very little information contained inside.
The obvious thing to do on such a site is to start with the buttons: live, popular, videos, photos, flows or publication. Since I’m new here, I’m not about to publish. I decided to click on Live because it is the first on the page and I seemed to be the place to find the last activity.

The site is configured to look like a social media application, so this button took me a large and long roll of video miniatures. What kind of miniatures? I see a wide variety of amateur porn, which seems to be a perfect use of a photo and videos sharing platform. By scrolling, I found some professional extracts from Jav Flicks and porn brands of popular reality, but the vast majority are Homebrew Smut.