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Nerds Browse Wikipedia, but Fapopedia will use Internet users who prefer soaked the cum keypad only to learn more about the obscure Australian archaeologists or the history of Graham’s crackers. Honestly, I feel that this site will have some of you banished from the library, but at least you will not have blue balloons when they book you at County Lockup. Imagine being arrested for public indecency and have nothing to show for that, but increased knowledge of the invention of the tea bag.

But you will not spend your visit to Fappedia.net looking for food products, global wonders or any other college test subject. No, you will click on the site in one hand, looking up the hottest Internet celebrities and social media stars, naked seeing and watching them kiss. This is not going to help you finish your homework or plagiarize a few paragraphs on the Neolithic era, but it’s free and they do not suck you for money like Wikipedia or the homeless guy who continued to interrupt my session FAP this morning. I have to stop taking the bus.

Beautiful social media sluts and celebrities internet, naked
In case I was not clear enough, Fappedia is not another video tube, the most common form of free porn site. In fact, their collection is only pictures, without moving images or ASMR audio to give you goose bumps while making you ruin another pair of boxers. This is not a naked celebrity site either, at least not in the traditional sense. Although you can find traditionally famous famous large famous Lovato, Cardi B and Miley Cyrus, focus is mainly on chicks that were not famous until they start to undress on the internet.
The youngest masturbators already know exactly who I speak, although I think some of the older perverse are always. This is a really modern free porn site, following the last smut trend that is really off over the past year and especially since the pandemic has started. Yes, my friends, it is an alphabetical library of social media sluts and Instagram models, private girls snapchat and sleeping DIY Starlets and Patreon.

As for GO Porn Trends, Snapchat Porn is a fucking game changer. The new amateur smut shape blows faster than the VR, which pervert thought they wanted for decades. Believe me, in a few years, social media porn sites like the only one will also be ubiquitous as cam sites and porn reality, formats that have risen in the early years and now feel like being around being always. Social distancing has definitely accelerated the trend, with traditional pornstars and even old Disney girls avoiding home with their webcams and their iPhones.

Fappedia.net has barely exists for over a month, but they stay in the fuck of this new wave of Peep Homebrew. They already get more than 3,000 visitors every day of whore and on the right track to get a lot more. They are smart to get into this game early, giving them an advantage over what I’m sure will be a massive wave of Wannabe sites chasing their coattails. All they really have to do to keep this advantage, keep finding killer content, keep the packet pretty and make sure everything is convenient.

Checking the boxes of a killer site
If the contents of the killer, a nice package and a convenience are my main factors, I can start consulting boxes as soon as I land on the Fappedia.net homepage. The design is simple but attractive, with a pallet of clean white colors that could be almost confused for a healthy social media site or an online encyclopedia was not for all black broads, twat propagation whores and the Cocksuckers without arachine The page in perfect square thumbnails. With my in-run adblock, there is no spam to see a trend that would continue throughout my visit. The layout is more Instagram than Wikipedia because there is not much text on the screen.