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FAP FAPPY! Amateur whores are all rage right now. The Faffers ignore the professional babies who know how to make a fucking people in favor of e-Thots who charge you to see them do the most trivial shit. Seriously, I saw these girls SIMPS strings for years without even showing a fucking nipple, and they get up tens of thousands of dollars on their alone. I respect the fuck of these girls. They found a market full of excited cucks that will pay good currency to tease. This is the ultimate schema. And, man, these sluts know how to market themselves. About a year ago, just look at the full-year entire bath fiasco. This shit was genius.

Anyway, we are not talking about their Mogul Svvy movements. This site is home to thousands of photos and videos of these Whores only. This has only been since the end of 2020, but you can always expect the ton of warm content to fade your brain.

Cluttered site design without filtering options
It’s a busy site. You get a ton of incompatible glimpses of different sizes scattered throughout the homepage. Especially chaos, there is a simple banner in which you can find links to submit content and a link here to my awesome site filled with criticism. The header does not have much use. There is no category or pages of tags to use.
You can switch bright and dark themes according to the moment you browse, which was definitely a good touch. And there is a simple search bar that you can use if you know the name of the hot room you are looking for. This is not the most useful search tool if you do not know the name of the girl you want to jerk off. There are no tags or keywords that will appear in the results, your mileage can vary here.

Thousands of hot galleries, videos and photos
The design of the site is quite fine, but everything looks like an ad. I get what they were going to do. They wanted to have an elegant page with preview images without borders who present these girls in all their glory. It could be just me, but I can not help but help help. All these insights look like the banners you would see nailed on some porn tubes. Fortunately, that’s what they look like. There are many ads on the site, but they come in the form of pop-ups of discussion and redirection. I did not stumbled through no rubber in the midst of the overviews.
I can not stand when the sites make this shit. I will see a warm image of a cache-part I would like to see and click on it so as not to be blocked by a third party site that does not even have the content I clicked on. It’s fucking frustration. Your only way to navigate this catalog is blindly scrolling in the page. There are no filter options for popularity, note, or anything like that. It does not bother me to scroll through the insights of amateur extracts that look at and pushing dildos in their ass, but it would be nice to focus this selection more than the name.

New content downloaded every few hours
Like, go, do you think I’m enough of a simp to know these whores by name? Fuck that. Let me sort by hair color, title size, weight and things like that. The content is sorted from the most recent to the oldest, and fucking, does this site frequently download content. New videos of amateur sluts are downloaded every few hours. You can expect a series of new contents either here every time you come back for a FAP SESH.