Xtube Review

Xtube screenshot

Classic old X Tube! Anyone who has spent a large amount of time looking at porn on the internet (yes, I’m talking to you, dickweed) has likely heard of (or more likely, been to) the website known as Xtube.com. It is hard to spend any amount of time frequenting porn sites and not have heard of it, seeing as it is one of the largest porn tube sites in the world. In fact, they claim to be the first adult tube site on the internet, originally released in March of 2006.

With nearly 9 million users, Xtube has extremely impressive numbers for any website, let alone a porn tube. In fact, they do quite well for themselves when compared to every website in existence. According to Alexa’s web traffic reports, as of April 2018, they were ranked 705 in the United States.

X Tube is a part of the adult media juggernaut, Mindgeek, the company responsible for the entire Pornhub Network, including Porn Hub, Redtube, Youporn, Tube 8, and Spank Wire to name a few. Over the past decade or so, they have established quite the reputation for themselves. In 2012, Mindgeek owner, Fabian Thylmann attempted to buy rival tube site, Xvideos for $120 million in order to create a virtual porn tube monopoly.

Xvideos gave Thylmann a big middle finger in response, though, replying with simply, “Sorry, I have to go play Diablo II.” Well, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, Mr. Thylmann. That’s okay, though. I’m sure $200 would be chump change for someone with Porn Hub money.

A Porn Site that Pays You?
One thing that really sets Xtube apart from other tube sites is that it is one of the only porn sites on which you can actually make money as opposed to just spending it. Sign up to become a model and upload your homemade content, do whatever your heart (or dick) desires, retain any level (or none) of anonymity, and set your own prices. Xtube then agrees to pay you whatever you earn on a biweekly basis. They claim that you can make up to $5,000 per pay period.

I must say, this is a really fucking cool feature. Those of you who have read other reviews of mine know that I am all about the future of porn becoming more and more interactive and participatory, and this is definitely a great way to aid that mission along. Whether or not you’ll actually make decent money from your upload depends, of course, on the quality of your content and how much visibility you are able to get for it. In other words, sorry, bub, a shitty phone video of your fat ass jacking off your tiny dick probably isn’t going to get you paid. Find a hot chick willing to fuck around with you and get a halfway decent camera, however, and you might just have a shot.

But, let’s assume that you don’t have what it takes to become even an amateur porn star (most people don’t, plain and simple). That’s okay, there is still plenty to enjoy on Xtube as a passive observer. As soon as you land on the site’s home page, videos of all types will appear. Gay and straight content tossed in together is the site’s default.