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My Sex Games - My Sex Games

All of you sex gamers who are fans of this genre will appreciate what has on the table. There are many flash sex game sites out there, but most of them fail to deliver on the excitement and the real gaming experience that a true fan would want. has sex games that aren’t AAA caliber, but they shouldn’t even be. These are raw, hardcore, and will appeal to the grimy underground gamer in you. Head on to and see what all the damn hype is all about.

Once you land on the site, you are met with pretty thumbnails of sexy babes in dirty positions. They are all animated, of course. From the jump, you will be drawn in by the colors that the site offers, but that is not their main appeal. The games are. Each game has its own brief explanation as to what a gamer can expect from the game. Some need to be downloaded, but those are the ones that have game recordings on them, meaning in non-nerd lingo, they are cooler than the rest.

When you try any of the sex games on, and there are too many even to begin counting, many have reported that they were drawn into the games quickly. They are different, and they are mesmerizing, to say the least. When you try out all the different categories, such as Action or Adventure, you will see that there are different dynamics regarding games. Some are a bit slower-paced, but the others are shoot this fuck that type of action game. There is something for everyone.

It is always cool to find new sex games that will, as they say, ‘tickle your fancy.’ These can be shared on social media, but realistically, no one will be caught doing this. However, you can send them to your friends and even invite them to play them with or without you. is always staying fresh, so they are constantly adding new games into the mix. You can expect them to have a new game each week. They are dedicated to their craft, and it shows that they are trying to add what the cool kids want, games that are actually slick and exciting to play, not some random strip poker-type sex game like the ones from the 90s. So buckle up, hit that click, and start playing sex games.

My Sex Games