HitBDSM Review

hitbdsm - HitBDSM

Full-length BDSM videos for FREE! Subs in rope bondage, barbaric metal devices, deep throating, face fucking, squirting, screaming and disgraced. I just recently heard for this site called HitBDSM.com and I am already loving it. Rope, painfully powerful vibrators, ball gags and an arm-sized dildo? I am fucking in for it for fuck hell why not. Can you blame me? I always get pretty excited after I snort my rail of breakfast Viagra, and today I just happened to stumble onto a massive free tube completely devoted to BDSM porn. They’ve been straight-up giving the stuff away since 2018, when they added their first video of a tiny blonde losing a wrestling match to a gorgeous, powerful Asian babe with a preference for fingering her downed opponents. HitBDSM.com seems to have chosen an accurate name. Not only are they full of that titular Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, as well as Sadism and Masochism, but they’re also a huge fucking hit among perverts who like it more than just a little rough. This may be a little intense for the soccer moms diddling themselves while reading Fifty Shades, but 5,000 visitors a day are flogging their meat to what they’ve got in their leather-bound library of smut. Let’s see what they’re cranking it to. Hard as Fuck and Free as Hell
Hit BDSM is hard as fuck right from the logo, a white and red stamp of bold, uppercase letters, laid on top of a black layout that reminds me of blindfolded women and dungeon sessions. Oh, speaking of which, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll see on the thumbnails spread out all over the page. It isn’t your typical free-tube selection of frolicking lesbians, fun-time orgies and babes masturbating with vibrators. Instead, I see women tying up and shocking each other, aggressive tear-and-cum-drenched airtight orgies, and babes being fucked, screaming senseless by what looks like power tools.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is all kinds of fucking kinky shit happening at HitBDSM. All you kinksters and fetishists who feel underserved by the big tubes will be throbbing right out of your PVC underwear and cockboxes. The front page alone features a smorgasbord of such outlandish perversion as machine fucking, tickling, flogging, caning and cuckolding. While there is some femdom, most of the videos feature hot chicks in various states of undress and distress.