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Badoink VR! With the advent of virtual reality, it did not take long so that the adult industry will start in action. In fact, many people accredit porn for causing the first real boom in the virtual reality market. This should not be a big surprise. Virtual reality seems that the next logical step for a porn industry that has, for years, approached more and closer to creating a more immersive and personalized experience.

Today’s porn is completely different from porn of yesteryear. Point of view and ‘Choose your own adventure videos’ porn are worlds apart from side views and narrative and heavy videos, your dad left before he was born before he was born. The general trend in adult entertainment has pushed the medium overwhelmingly towards the movies that place the viewer in the center of the action. The goal of contemporary porn? To come so close to make the vigilant porn forget that he is watching pornography as possible.

Born of a congruent leap in technological capabilities and a demand for porn scenes centered by the user, virtual porn reality has quickly assumed the industry. It’s just a matter of time, preparing, that VR porn becomes the industry standard. It is likely that this can still be at least a decade or two of the decade of the CASE-VR devices will have to be much more widespread and affordable, but at the rate, technology and demand are increasing, we are not far from enjoying Mainly enjoying mainly our porn in the form of virtual whores suck us in our own living rooms. Eventually, maybe she will even be a hologram whore. Now, that shit would be fucking wild, right?

There are a handful of sites now that they offer versions of virtual reality of their videos, to a variable acclaim. Naughty america, for example, was one of the first traditional studies to start changing. Slowly, similar premium porn studies seem to be following the demand. However, smaller the list of porn sites that are completely engaged in virtual reality. And I think it is safe to say that is almost without help, which leads to the load to the future of pornography. No other VR study approaches the acclamation that Badoinkvr has earned only in a few years.

Badink was launched in 2006 as a site dedicated to premium pornography. They did it on a patented technology platform that allowed users to convey the content of BadoInk on any device, as well as the melted videos wirelessly to their televisions. Badink has always been technologically intrepid. It was not until 2015 that the company decided to change its full approach to virtual reality, releasing Badoinkvr.

Porn to the future
The site now includes exclusively 360 and 180 degree immersive videos that use moving tracking technology and avant-garde binaural audio. You can easily enjoy any of the videos in BadoinkVR through your Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Live, Samsung Gear VR VR devices, or on your smartphone through Google Cardboard with the VR application very own Badink . Technologically challenged, or just a bit short in the funds? Okay, you can still get an idea of ​​how amazing this VR experience is watching videos on your computer and alter the POV view with the mouse. Either way, it’s still an incredible thing.
Badink VR has some coveted prizes under his belt as well. It was the Internet Company of the Free Speech Association of the Year in 2016; Also in 2016, they won the Xbiz prize for the adult site of the year: virtual reality; and the 2018 VR site of the year at the News Video Awards for Adults (AVN). It is rare that you are with a porn place that is divcer in the general recognition. But, again, it is also rare that you are with a porn site that revolutionizes a complete industry in the way it has been Badinkvr.

Although BadoinkVR has accumulated a complete network of virtual reality porn sites (18VR, VRCOSPLAYX, Kinkvr and Babevr), today we are going to take a look at the original, From the moment you log in.